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Design Features

  • Multiple event tracking capability for up to 128 independent sensor circuits.
  • Summary relay contacts, LED status lights, LCD information display at the TTDM-128 panel.
  • Standard external interface modes include: dry contacts, and RS232/RS485 modbus communication. A 4-20 mA analog output option is available.
  • Event history accessible from the front panel or via serial port to identify type of event, time, location, and other parameters for all sensor events or user adjustments and interventions.
  • Layered password protection for setup changes.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and selectable measurement units.
  • Universal power supply for 120/240 Vac 50/60 Hz (24 volt option available).
  • Non-volatile memory for event history, setup and network configuration.
  • Complete remote operation and monitoring through modbus communications or using optional TT-SUPERVISOR Windows software.

Easy setup and simple operation

The TTDM-128 module directly monitors up to 1500 m (5000 ft) of sensor cable and a network of up to 128 remote TraceTek modules. The remote modules may be a combination of sensor interface modules (TTSIM), relay modules (TT-NRM) or additional TTDM-128 modules. With its networking capability, the TTDM-128 provides tremendous fl exibility in terms of system layout options and monitoring capability. When liquid is detected on any of the sensors, the TTDM-128 sounds an alarm, closes relay contacts, turns on a front panel LED and displays the circuit identifi cation and location of the leak on the alphanumeric display. The leak detection event is logged to a nonvolatile event history fi le. All status and event information is made available via the front panel keyboard or RS232/RS485 modbus digital communication to a host computer, PLC or plant/building automation system. Each sensor circuit detects, locates and tracks leaks independently from any other circuits connected to the TTDM-128. There is no loss of sensitivity and no re-mapping required after an initial leak is detected. A simple map showing where the sensors are installed is the only field calibration requirement.


The FG-A alarm unit, connected to a TTK FG-ECX, FG-ACX or FG-HC2 sense cables, is designed for the leak detection of liquids. The presence of a conductive liquid on the sense cable triggers an audible and luminous alarm, and activates dry contacts on the FG-A alarm unit. This detection system fits in perfectly with a safety and protection system. Its two dry contacts ensure fault control and transfer back to a centralized management system.

ZD-18 panel can be used for the leak protection of small computer rooms or technical service areas. Main application areas including: under-floor air conditioning units, over-head fan coil units, hot water radiator units, sump tanks, drip trays, etc. The system allows immediate detection of conductive (water, acid & alkaline) or nonconductive (hydrocarbon fuel or organic solvent) by applying different type of liquid sensing cables.